Central banks and governments around the world have been implementing expansionary monetary policies, including quantitative easing and low-interest rate policies, to stimulate economic growth. These measures have led to concerns about potential inflationary pressures in the future, which could erode the purchasing power of fiat currencies. As a tangible asset with intrinsic value, gold has been considered a potential safeguard against inflation, as its price has historically tended to rise during times of inflationary pressures.

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  • Fed Unlikely to Cut Interest Rates Soon Despite Earlier Projections June 12, 2024
    Americans should not expect interest rate cuts soon, as the Federal Open Market Committee is likely to keep rates steady in its upcoming decision, influenced by a strong jobs report. The CME FedWatch Tool indicates a 99.4% chance of unchanged rates. Despite initial projections for three rate cuts this year, Fed Chair Jerome Powell has […]
  • Think Tank Expert Recommends Measures to Halt De-Dollarization June 12, 2024
    To counter de-dollarization, the US should maintain domestic stability, pursue strong trade partnerships, and promote technological solutions, according to Carla Norrlöf, a think tank expert. Although the move away from the US dollar by countries like Russia, China, and other BRICS states has accelerated, Norrlöf believes that with strategic actions, the US can keep the […]
  • Bond Market's Recession Alarm Continues, Stock Market Impact Uncertain June 12, 2024
    A bond-market indicator signaling a recession has been flashing since 2022, the longest on record, but it doesn't always predict immediate stock market trouble. Verdad Advisers analysts suggest this time might be different. Typically, equity investors react negatively when an inverted yield curve steepens, as it often signals a Fed response to economic downturns. However, […]
  • Consumer Price Growth Slows, Potential Relief for Fed Rate Decisions June 12, 2024
    The Consumer Price Index (CPI) showed a slight and unexpected dip in May, suggesting potential price relief for consumers and raising questions about the timing of Federal Reserve interest rate cuts. Annual inflation eased to 3.3% from 3.4% in April, below expectations. Monthly inflation was flat, the lowest since July 2022, and core CPI, excluding […]
  • Dollar Tumbles as Traders Anticipate Fed Rate Cuts Following Inflation Data June 12, 2024
    The dollar fell on Wednesday after data showed May's consumer prices rose less than expected, fueling speculation that the Federal Reserve might cut interest rates as soon as September. Headline inflation was flat, and core prices increased by 0.2%, both below forecasts. This has boosted the probability of a September rate cut to 73%, up […]