Central banks and governments around the world have been implementing expansionary monetary policies, including quantitative easing and low-interest rate policies, to stimulate economic growth. These measures have led to concerns about potential inflationary pressures in the future, which could erode the purchasing power of fiat currencies. As a tangible asset with intrinsic value, gold has been considered a potential safeguard against inflation, as its price has historically tended to rise during times of inflationary pressures.

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  • Recession Warning: Employers Slash Staff at Record Pace Since 2009 September 22, 2023
    The global business landscape is under strain, with the UK signaling a potential worldwide recession. A new survey reveals the UK experienced its fastest employment drop since the 2009 financial crisis. The PMI's decline, a result of weakening demand and rising borrowing costs, echoes broader economic concerns. Experts are drawing alarming comparisons to the 2009 […]
  • European Currencies Under Pressure as Central Bank Support Wanes September 22, 2023
    European currencies are plummeting, with bleak economic prospects and looming rate cuts. Sterling hit a six-month low against the dollar, while other European currencies are also faltering amid rising oil prices and a strengthening dollar. There's speculation the Euro could approach dollar parity, highlighting Europe's deepening economic troubles.
  • US, EU PMIs Signal Slowing Growth, Rising Prices are Signaling Global Stagflation September 22, 2023
    Euro area growth is stagnating, particularly in France and the UK, despite minor improvements in Germany. Inflationary pressures, though currently moderate, loom on the horizon. The US faces further economic challenges with manufacturing barely recovering and services declining. With slower growth and inflation, central banks are grappling with the looming threat of 'Stagflation'.
  • Inflation - The Danger of a ‘Permacrisis’: El-Erian September 22, 2023
    Central banks, including the European Central Bank and the Federal Reserve, are grappling with the complexity of addressing prolonged high inflation. Despite recent challenges, like misjudging the transitory nature of inflation and dealing with unpredictable guiding metrics, these institutions now hint at a prolonged period of higher rates. Their previous forecasts have often been inaccurate, […]
  • US Debt: We Are Now Officially Paying More Than $2 Billion per Day Just in Interest Expense Alone! September 22, 2023
    US debt surpassed $33 trillion just 60 hours ago and has increased by an additional $50 billion. This translates to an increase of $833 million in debt every hour. Equally distributing the total US debt to every household would result in a burden of $252,000 per household. Daily interest expenses exceed $2 billion. Furthermore, the […]