Central banks and governments around the world have been implementing expansionary monetary policies, including quantitative easing and low-interest rate policies, to stimulate economic growth. These measures have led to concerns about potential inflationary pressures in the future, which could erode the purchasing power of fiat currencies. As a tangible asset with intrinsic value, gold has been considered a potential safeguard against inflation, as its price has historically tended to rise during times of inflationary pressures.

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  • 15 Weakest Currencies in 2024 February 21, 2024
    The global foreign exchange market, with an estimated value of $752.7 billion in 2023, is on a trajectory to reach $1023.91 billion by 2028, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 6.5%. This expansion is attributed to the dynamic roles of reporting dealers who ensure liquidity by continually offering buy and sell prices for […]
  • Biden Administration Erases $1.2 Billion in Student Debt for 150,000 Americans February 21, 2024
    President Joe Biden's administration has made another significant move by cancelling $1.2 billion in federal student loans, benefiting over 150,000 borrowers. This action is part of the Saving on a Valuable Education (SAVE) plan, introduced in January, aimed at providing relief to Americans who have been repaying their student loans for at least ten years. […]
  • Fed Minutes: Patience Prevails as Officials Await Clearer Inflation Trend February 21, 2024
    In their latest meeting, Federal Reserve officials struck a cautious tone on the prospect of lowering interest rates, emphasizing a balanced approach towards inflation control. Despite acknowledging a significant reduction in inflation from its peak in mid-2022, the highest in over four decades, officials underscored the necessity of more evidence before considering policy easing. The […]
  • Higher Inflation Challenges South Africa's Economic Stability February 21, 2024
    South Africa's inflation rate edged up for the first time in three months this January, primarily driven by escalating fuel and food costs, marking a modest uptick to 5.3% year-over-year from December's 5.1%. This increase, though slight, has inflation continuing to exceed the central bank's preferred midpoint target of 4.5% for nearly three years, suggesting […]
  • Mortgage Markets Shudder as Interest Rates Soar Past 7% February 21, 2024
    Mortgage demand is dropping as interest rates breached the 7% threshold, marking a significant setback for prospective homebuyers and refinancers alike. Last week witnessed a sharp 10.6% drop in total application volume, as reported by the Mortgage Bankers Association, driven by the steepest interest rate spike since early December. The average rate for a 30-year […]