Central banks and governments around the world have been implementing expansionary monetary policies, including quantitative easing and low-interest rate policies, to stimulate economic growth. These measures have led to concerns about potential inflationary pressures in the future, which could erode the purchasing power of fiat currencies. As a tangible asset with intrinsic value, gold has been considered a potential safeguard against inflation, as its price has historically tended to rise during times of inflationary pressures.

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  • Gold Prices Surge on Geopolitical Tensions, Then Dip After Fed Comments May 20, 2024
    Gold prices initially surged to an all-time high on Monday due to safe-haven demand amid increased geopolitical tensions following the death of Iran's president. However, comments from Fed Vice Chair Michael Barr, indicating that interest rates would need to remain high to combat inflation, caused gold to pare its gains, trading around $2,410. Barr's remarks […]
  • Copper Surges to New Highs: Key Market Facts and Future Demand Drivers May 20, 2024
    Copper prices reached record highs on Monday due to a rally driven by short covering and speculative bets. Copper, primarily used in power, construction, and increasingly in green energy applications like electric vehicles and AI data centers, saw global consumption rise from 10 million metric tons in the late 1980s to 26.5 million tons in […]
  • When Could We See $50 Silver? Alan Hibbard on Schwab Network May 20, 2024
    In a recent appearance on Schwab TV, Alan Hibbard from GoldSilver.com shared valuable insights as to why gold and silver prices...
  • Fed's Barr: Disappointing Inflation Data Delays Rate Cuts May 20, 2024
    Fed Vice Chair Michael Barr expressed disappointment with the inflation data for early 2024, indicating that the central bank lacks sufficient evidence to ease monetary policy. He emphasized the need for more time under current restrictive policies to achieve the Fed's 2% inflation target. The Personal Consumption Expenditures price index, the Fed's preferred inflation measure, […]
  • Gold Surges to New High Amid Rising Haven Demand May 20, 2024
    Gold surged to a record high of $2,450.07 an ounce, driven by rising expectations that the Federal Reserve will cut interest rates this year and by increasing geopolitical tensions in the Middle East. The recent decline in the US dollar and lower Treasury yields, following better-than-expected inflation data, also supported the precious metal's rise.